A big immigration problem and its influance on the european tourism- possibilities and advices.

Travelling is one of the most significant parts of the Greek economy. Every year millions of visitors like to visit breathtaking ancient buildings. What is the opportunity of travelling in Greece today?


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The great economical crisis in 2008 made a critical financial situation in the Greek society. The European Union spent lots of their financial sources to help Greeks with their budged. All specialist know that these big problems is not only a consequence of the world’s crisis, but as well of the thoughtlessness of the Greek politics. Now when the refugees problem have been shown this situation will costs the EU next billions of euro.
Greeks and Europeans have secured llots of centres for refugees and they’re trying to help people, nevertheless it is not possible to help all of them. Nowadays, when the spring’s monts are coming more and more refugees will come to the south of Europe, because of the lack of the track through the Balkans. The government of Greece have a huge problem with refugees‘ registration and identification and the travelling monts are coming. Every single day a large number of visitors will see a large number of immigrants on the Greek beaches searching shelter and help. Naturally for a part of vacation visitors it going to be a difficulty see all these situation, naturally a part of them will help refugees, however not all of them. Tourism bring money and immigrant problem take them, therefore it is a huge challenge for the tourism branch.


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Today hotels in Santorini are in a big number prepared for this situation, however the situation depends of the future number of the immigrants- hotels in greece santorini. In Greece tourism branch is constantly very strong, therefore there is a strong possibility to predict a nice year for Greek tourism and specially for the hotels in Santorini. A fine advertisement and smart management going to solve a large number of possible difficulties. It is worth to say that a large number of destinations are constantly not as successful as they used to be like: Egypt, Tunisia or Israel, which provide Greece a big opportunity.
It is a nice idea to travel, especially visit the south of our continent, not just to see these magnificent monuments and old buildings, however also to show that we are not afraid. Check more: check the best hotels santorini (check the best hotels santorini)