A unique few days in the best destinations

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Many people who are tired of frequent snowing and raining should go to sunny and warm locations present year. The content will demonstrate how little can you enjoy to have a great breaks.

When you skip the sunny weather conditions

The beginning place which is worth mentioning is Larnaca. It is a location situated on the shoreline of Cyprus. It’s the city which generally appeals to numerous travelers who love tanning, swimming in the hot Mediterranean water and seeing old cities. Today, everyone is able to purchase cheap seats for direct flights from warsaw to larnaca (click page). The visitors who will go to the town must determine more about the climate conditions on the isle. The majority of travellers visit the island and the town from Summer to September when the weather condition is amazing and heat of the atmosphere is between 25C and 33C. The main purpose of visiting the city is a beach holiday, but it is also worth going to the historical town centre.


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That flights from warsaw to larnaca start at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Intercontinental Airport. The trip to Larnca, a town in Cyprus usually lasts about three hrs and 30 minutes. The travellers get at Larnaca Global Airport which is the busiest flight terminal in Cyprus.

Find out more about the country in Caucasus

The second locations worth visiting is Armenia. The flights to armenia are served by skilled flight businesses and the seats are available in reasonable prices. That Republic of Armenia is 1 of the Sovereign States in South Caucasus. The nation is found in Western Asia. The capital city is Yerevan where lives only about one million of inhabitants . Nowadays, it appeals to more and more vacationers who want to learn the town.


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When it goes to flights to armenia, the leading airport of the country is situated in the capital of Armenia – Yerevan. The airport is called Zvartnots International flight terminal and it produces global flights to different locations. The flight terminal is located only twelve kms from the Yerevan city centre and the people are able to get to the city by taxis or buses. The airport serves about 1.8 million people yearly.

Yerevan including Larnca are able to be your best vacation destinations. The two towns are very various from one another. Nevertheless, they have one option in common – the chance to spend astonishing time period far from the apartment city and neglect for a while about each day tasks, work hours and duties.