Do you know the rules for pharmaceutical packaging?

What is your next step after taking tablets out of the cardboard product packaging? You read few pieces of information but typically the vast majority of us simply put it in a trash can. No large deal, right? It’s just a simple packaging.

Nevertheless, right behind the simplest pharmaceutical packaging, there’s a tale and a lot of various requirements and regulations that really must be fulfilled.

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Among the other stuff, one of the crucial restriction here is youngster resistance. We want to avoid a scenario where a child takes the bottle or a strip filled with capsules and easily open it. This would not be the case for any medical packaging. Of course, we all should do everything that is possible to maintain medicaments out of reach of children. Yet another thing here is that such boxes, bottles or strips ought to be senior friendly which means, that a manufacturer should manage an easy dispensing system together with a safe, easy open-close mechanism. All kinds of pharmaceutical packaging must be hermetically sealed to be able to protect its content from various environmental conditions.

So essentially, a packaging plays various roles. In addition to the mentioned earlier, a cardboard box packed with pills plays a crucial - from a manufacturer's perspective - marketing role. It will make any storage containers or boxes noticeable for the clients. Additionally, this should somehow attract any buyer.

Considering the described earlier rules, marketing experts have a hard task. Whenever they plan how a new product packaging should look like, they have to in mind those specifications and restrictions.
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