How to restore the old wooden entrances so that they fit into the rest of the structure?

Wooden interior doors in aged habitats or townhouses often sprout from newly painted internal walls, differentiating themselves visibly with wasted oil varnish.


Autor: Wicker Paradise

Autor: Joseph Bremson
In addition, there are often fissures around the door frame, and the door petal strokes, which have been struck for years, have spotty scratches, marks or cavities.

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In case you do not have the time or the wish for a complete restoration, connected to the door replacement, it is the time to refurbish the antique wooden doors or panels.


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Renovation of wooden doors most often requires replacement of the old paint covering. Paling, spotty top of oil varnish will not endorse a correct new finishing layer. There are several methods of eliminating oil paint. These works, such as sandblasting or blazing with an electric heater can be obtained from licensed companies. Slips or gaps formed in the door will wane in an easy way, you hide it with putty. You should only start grinding after full cure, which can take from couple of hours to an entire day, depending on the products used and the measure of the defects. For sanding surfaces you should use sandpaper, nonetheless in angles, for instance for glazing it will be easier to use abrasive sponge. Grab the pack that comes with the sandpaper – it should be faster and simpler to flatten the wooden surface. After replacing the aged oil varnish covering, you will get basically raw wood (see or wood-based board.

Nevertheless, as it is an old surface, it would be good to coat it with coloring preparation, not wood lacquer, for instance. The door after such a renovation is ready for relocating in hinges.