A new places to live in present Republic of Poland – the social programs

It is a great thing for young couples to have a flat on their own. In Poland a large number of families have been living in one house with their parents or parents in-law for 3-5 years or longer. The ggovernment of Poland is attempting to modify this state by special social programs.


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For decades living in large families was a normal and ordinary situation in Poland, couples had been living and constantly live with their offsprings, parents or even grandparents. In these days young couples often want to live on their own, they are looking for apartments for rent in Poland and also in different countries. The people who migrate for economic reasons have their aim in wealthy western European countries and the government of Poland want to stop these migrations. There is an interesting program for young people named “Mieszkanie dla młodych” (“A flat for young people”), which support marriages purchase their first flat. Unfortunately this helping plan is designed to marriages, not to all people in relationships.

Many young couples take mortgages for 20 or thirty years only to have some space for themselves. The other option for them is to look for apartments for rent in Poland it is very common. The praises depend of the city in which we live it can be 800 PLN or even 2500 PLN.

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In Poland real estate market is not stable, it is hard to purchase a appropriate apartment in a huge city and don’t pay to much, on the other hand there are a lot of apartments to rent and purchase. In Poland real estate in villages is growing up, many people had gone to the another state or to the town leaving their mother and father and their houses, after a period of time these people died and then the child trade or rent houses of their family, many times the praise is low.

It is a good idea to have got that kind of house for holidays or for a ew days, of’ corseif you have got money. The polish government try to create some place to live for people especially in the cities, unfortunately local authorities, do not much to stop migrations to the cities and outside the border. That politics need to be different in the next few years or the Republic of Poland will be a state with abandoned villages.

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Having a flat (even a little one) is a great thing. The real estate market is growing up therefore there is a hope for many families to have got their idividual apartment.