The best ideas for next holidays

At the moment, people can have a very hard time to decide about locations in which they wish to spend next vacations. Nothing odd in that, cause travel agencies are offering many different journeys, and we can also arrange it on our own, using cheap airline companies.

But if you wish to spare a lot of money for the holidays, you may as well check a last minute offer.


Autor: David Geitgey Sierralupe
Top destinations in 2018

Autor: Ana Paula Hirama
At the start of every year we may fallow the future trends for vacations, we can use it to arrange the trip. In 2018, similar like a year earlier, really hot trend is whole Asia, mostly Vietnam or Cambodia. Those both places aren’t as developed like Thailand, where travel infrastructure is ideal. That’s why vacations in Vietnam would be a lot more spontaneous and we will have a chance to get to know local culture very well.
When you are not huge fan of Asia, perhaps you will be interested in South America? Last minute offers for Peru and Cuba are really cheap, trip this kind will give you a chance to appreciate amazing, colonial architecture. Also, In those countries you may get closer to the Nature, especially if you select a cruise to the rain forest.
If you are admirer of European culture, there are plenty of nice places to visit for you as well. You may go to Barcelona, that is offering great architecture by Antonio Gaudi, or travel to Rome when you like to see some interesting remains. But the biggest amount of ancient buildings you will find in one of Greek isles, like Crete for instance.

Also last minute offers are available to each location, but possibly for a low season dates.

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Even Polish destinations are popular in local travel agencies, so if you like to spend a week in nice hotel by Baltic sea, spending almost nothing for it, you should think of this option.