It is gonna be totally offbeat holiday this year!

Last week together with husband we have made a decision to spent upcoming holidays in totally untypical way. Instead of flying somewhere or taking a train, we have made up our minds to go by the car. But that is not the only one new thing for my family. We decided not to choose any destination but to go around by our car whenever we will feel like go to. To get started with, that idea sounded for me too crazy to do this, but eventually I agreed due to two things.

family trip

To start with, each year until now we have spent holidays in some remote countries. However, a short time ago I have discovered one thing – that I haven’t visited my own country. I always thought that I still own plenty of time to visit my country therefore I kept on postposting it for later. For this reason, neither I nor my kids have seen anything in my country. Surely except of the capital city. Therefore, that unplanned car trip would allow us to get to know our own country far more. We will be able to just stop in any place we want and see whatever we desire. We could spend time at our gorgeous see or to stay over one of those gorgeous lakes – snack pellets.

Secondly, every time we chose holidays in an exclusive hotel abroad, I had a feeling that our family doesn’t really enjoy time together. My daughter were usually walking around a town the whole day because she loves walking tours and getting to know new cities. My son was usually staying on the beach the whole day, as he likes sun and is rather lazy when it comes to any other actions during holidays. My husband loves swimming. Thus, I could always see him either in a swimming pool or in a sea.

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And I? I was always trying to integrate my and spent with each of its as much time as possible – snackpellets.


Autor: Bryn Pinzgauer
So, 1 day I was spending with my daughter doing some sightseeing, the other day lying all day on the beach with my son. Sadly, the whole family were seeing each other only during a dinner. I don’t think this was sufficient. So, that year I can give up on fancy dinner in expensive hotels . I could prepare snack pellets but if thanks to that, my family would be able to spent a great deal more time together. We are going to travel together in the car, discovering new places together, cooking snackpellets for dinner together. You have to admit that this sounds great, doesn’t it? This possibly has also some downsides. But I will write about this aspect after coming home from holiday – (tourism information).