Do you want to learn Polish? I will give you some tips

I have been living in Poland for a quite a long time. At first I thought that I would stay here simply for a few months. I came there for a university exchange and had no interest in learning local language. But then I met an amazing girl and I just fell in love.

Definitely, she knew English but her parents and a lot of colleagues wasn’t interested in speaking the foreign language. All of them kept on saying that after so long time in Poland, I should be already learning the language. I need to to confess that they had a point. I couldn’t expect the whole world to speak my language. I had to fight my laziness. So, I made a decision that I am going to sign up polish course warsaw.Nevertheless, when I was searching for polish course warsaw, I found that rather not easy to make a decision. Why? Because I found many of various offers and teachers. Sadly, this took me a while before finding the proper teacher and teaching method. I hope my short history would be helpful in your language journey.


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To start with, I went to a language school. It could have been my mistake as I didn’t ask how many people are going to be in my class. So, I ended up in a big group. That was loud, crowded as well as uncomfortable. Just some of us had time to say something during classes. Unfortunately, I decided to quit (explore deals Po Polsku). Later on, I choose a private teacher. But she was too focused on grammar. I couldn’t even say simple sentences but she was trying to explain me a difficult grammar. I didn’t like this and I wouldn’t recommend this method to you neither. Start speaking. Even if it is not grammatically correct. You will learn grammatical nuances later.

Later on, I have chosen another language class. That time I was aware that I should ask everything about the group as well as the teacher. Because of that I had a small group. What I really love was that we attented classes twice a week. On Tuesdays we had grammar and new topics. On Thursday we had just conversation. I really liked that approach and this worked very well.
Because of attending that polish course warsaw , I managed to make a huge progress. After a while I was able to have a nice conversation with parents of my girlfriend! They were very impressed!