Marketing as an important example of field, which impact has substantially improved during last decades

Globalization is thought to be a process that for many people and especially their companies is very challenging. It is indicated by the fact that increasingly of them have to be able to compete on international market, which indicates that there is a demand for effective improvement of some departments.


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One of them is referred to marketing, which at present is almost inevitable if we would like to achieve good results. It is proved by the fact that at present the customers don’t have to search for specified category of commodities, as everything is being advertised in medias such as TV, Internet etc. Therefore, companies have to fight for their customers using different solutions such as inter alia campaigns that aim is to develop the image of an enterprise and, therefore, convince more and more customers to purchase its products.

In order to make the efforts of marketing department substantially better, we ought to keep in mind that we have to be innovative. It is proved by the fact that we need to find out something that would grab the attention of the buyers. The more creative we are, the more the name of our company is likely to be presented in the discussions among different sorts of people.

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Hence, we should keep innovative people in our enterprise above all. It is implied by the fact that being creative is a skill that cannot be taught and it is to high extent something natural.

To sum up, analyzing the role of marketing in modern companies we might quickly discover that it has improved a lot during recent years. It is proved by the fact that nowadays it is demanding to find a company that would like to achieve appropriate market share and wouldn’t have a professional marketing department at the same time. Having it is necessary if we would like to make the name of our company be broader known among miscellaneous sorts of people and, hence, raise the sales records in the long-term.