Different forms of doing sport in the big cities – ideas and advices

Nowadays our cities are more and more impure, but surprisingly there are human bings who want to reverse this tendency. A large numeber of them use bicycles for the city mobility.

There are many models of bikes; for travelling in the town the most wide-spread is a simple town bike which takes us from place to place, however there are more personalised bikes.

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Everything depends on what purpose we want to use a bike is it for movement, physical activity or sport (or even extreme sport). Custom single speed bikes are more advisable for long distances and for the town we have got city bikes (mens city bike and city bicycle for femals – they are different in construction which is related with the human body). Mens city bike is more dynamic (men are usually stronger than female and the female type is more useful (it helps to travel with your back place straighter than in mens city bike). In custom single speed bikes these differences are not that big, however marking. When we want to buy a fine bicycle we should ask for help a person who ride a lot or a bicycle expert – link.

trik na rowerze górskim

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Now a good bicycle is a very costly device, therefore it is a good idea to consult this matter with more experienced person.

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If we don’t have a appropriate place to keep our bike we may rent one. In many cities there are bikes for rent, you could use it as long as you need and then pay for it (of’course you have to register in the first place in the special base). If you don’t admire bicycles you can go on foot or begin to do nordic walking, it is a way of walking with two sticks, that kind of physical activity is not very expensive and you don’t have to be very fit to start doing it. It is a great sport for all kinds of people with problems with their backbone, but it is worth to notice that in this sort of sport we should put sticks in the right position to have a proper posture while walking. It is advisable to take a few advices before we started to do such an activity.

Every spect of physical activity is fantastic thing for our shape. It is an outstansding thing to do some outdoor sport, meet other people with whom we can share our interests and just be cheerful.

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