Development of the role of services as one of the most important outcomes of developments in the global environment

Globalization is a term that is improvingly usually presented nowadays by different specialists. Besides, it is really likely to be a term that would be the really first people in the future would associate the present era with.

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Autor: Jim Bowen
It is proved by the fact that never various countries and the economic situation in them has depended to such an extent on situation in other places than it is currently. It is implied by the fact that, first of all, the importance of trade has increased. More and more economies depend on the goods that are imported, which proves that if there would be no trade, the pace of the progress would stop.

Besides, thanks to the growth of the infrastructure as well as law regulations, it is relatively easy to cross borders between different countries and even to begin living there. This fact indicates that also people, who would like to work in financial and other related sectors may pretty easily find a job occasion. Similar fact is related to the increasing meaning of services that are more and more common.

Another meaningful factor that can awake our interest in the previously analyzed field is that another sign related to defining what are the most meaningful conditions current era would be always associated with, refers to the role services play in generating GDP. It is indicated by the fact that in general similar area of economy has become quite popular and its meaning is pretty fundamental. Contemporarily then in majority of well-developed countries the enterprises in similar sector generate often more than 70% of the whole GDP each year. Therefore, in this case we may even talk about a revolution, as in the past the most meaningful sectors were agriculture as well as industry.

Such a fact means that living at present is surely connected with new challenges the generation of people over 50 years generally have no idea about. One of them is connected with increasing role of services, which is a hint for young people that finding job in this topic would be considerably easier than in the past.