Which render you should select? Several words regarding it

There are different category of renders. For instance, you can select between mineral, acrylic and silicone renders. If you are not a specialist in the field, it might be hard to make a decision.
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Thus this short article would give a chance to get familiar with 2 category of renders: silicone as well as acrylic render.

Acrylic render like ewi-soltherm.com render (ewi-soltherm.com render)render could be described as a kind of plastic. Because of this, it provides a great grease and water resistance. Moreover, this kind of render will help you to keep a colour alive for much longer, thus you do not have to worry about it fading too fast. It is substantial to mention, that this type of render is also the cheapest among all types. So, it is the most repeatedly chosen one, as this is more affordable for the bigger group of people.

Nevertheless, there are also some things which you should know about this sort of render. First of all, it is not breathable. In practise this means that it is useless to put it on any category of breathable insulation goods as it would be just a waste of money.

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Other type of render is silicone render. The main advantage of this one is the fact that it repels water. Therefore, the water will just run off it. Therefore, it is especially attractive in places, when rains happen often, as http://ewi-soltherm.com/product/soltherm-hd-weather-plus/soltherm-sfc-p-silicone-render-water-beading-effect-15-mm-grain-size-sand-finish (http://ewi-soltherm.com/product/soltherm-hd-weather-plus/soltherm-sfc-p-silicone-render-water-beading-effect-15-mm-grain-size-sand-finish)is advisable to avoid installing this type of render during the cold months or when it rains.

Why? ‘Cause the system needs at least a few days to “cure” earlier become adjust.

In conclusion, – all sort of renders has some advantages as well as disadvantages. The final decision regarding which one to choose should be made after careful consideration of all of described aspects.
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