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Don't forget about proper home insulation

Winter in our country isn't as chill as it use to be decade earlier, but still sometimes it is really strong. If we are dwelling in a house with a lot of neighbors we do not need to be afraid about that, cause heating costs are divided among many flats.

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thermal insulation
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Problem begins when we are owners of house which is several decades old.

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Many years ago buildings were projected in old fashion way,therefore most of them these days needs thermal insulation. This pertains couple of steps which will help You to save plenty of cash on heating. First job You have to recall of are Your windows. Vintage, wooden ones are really leaky, so You better replace it with synthetic model. It isn't very expensive and aid You to refresh the apartment. Next step You should proceed is to refresh the roof, by replacing vintage tiles with new ones. But the largest expenditure of money would be needed with exterior walls of the building. Thermal insulation need to be done, cause most of warm air is lost trough surfaces. Fortunately these days we can purchase very modern panels which will protect outside of the building. Most of this works will need from You to hire any additional help, and it should be professional team of contractors. You won't have a problem with that, because these days each kind of experts are affordable online, on private websites. Just open the browser and select nicer option in Your neighborhood. Remember that qualifications are more important then price of labor.
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