Two wonderful inspirations for holidays

If you are still not sure where to gol during your upcoming holidays, you should not worry. This text will present you 2 possible destinations, which are gorgeous and effortlessly reachable at the same time.
First of those suggested destinations is the main city of Serbia. Presently, there are a lot of cheap flights to Belgrade, so it is relatively easy to buy flight tickets for a very attractive price.
Created by: Daniel Jolivet
What’s more, prices in Belgrade are much lower than in most of other European capital cities. In consequence, it is a great destination for people who have a quite tight budget, as e.g. students (very helpful page, have a look). Even though this country is very budget friendly, this is also equally gorgeous as these more expensive cities. Moreover, as the city was experienced with a not easy history, it is a great destination for everybody interested in the history. There is simply no chance that you will be hungry there. Serbia is well-known for its national cuisine, So, you will absolutely fall in love with Serbian dishes.

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Created by: Jorge Láscar
Another holiday destination is Estonia. There are tons of direct flights to Estonia. Therefore, visiting this country will be easy (click the link). And it is definitely worth it, as Estonia is simply amazing. Tallinn, the main city of the country, has really amazing architecture. Its Old Town is dating from 1100s. Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the Europe’s best preserved Old Towns. Consequently, you would surely fall in love with it! There are also many other outstanding buildings and places in Tallinn.

However, it is crucial to remember that there are also many amazing destinations also outside the capital city. E.g. place called Parnu, which is a charming seaside town, or Kihnu Island, where people speak their own regional direct as well as dress in traditional clothes. Doesn’t this sound amazing?
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