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A few reasons why I usually book luxury hotel in Santorini

That is widely known that Santorini is my favourite foreign island. All of my friends know it. I went first time when I was a teenager. Later, I returned there with a first fiancée. I have also went there for a honeymoon with my lovely husband. Last montj I was there with my two children. I simply love spending my holidays there. I could always load my batteries. But to have this, I should to be sure that my hotel and service are going to be the best one. This is the reason why, when I book hotels in santorini, I always choose the luxury one.
I know that some of you may think that that is some kind of exaggeration. However, I look at this in a following way: I have holiday just 1 week per year. So, I deserve all the best after working honestly the whole year. Furthermore, if I only have one week in such an amazing place, I do not want to waste time to bother about dirty room, noisy location or rude service. I would like to everything to be perfect. So my children and I can be totally relaxed.
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Additionally, we do not need to bother about noises from the street as luxury hotels (more about it here) are usually located in quiet location. At the same time, there are frequently in the best part of the city when it comes to the views. As a result, we could totally enjoy really beautiful landscapes every time when we start the day, and every evening, when watching amazing sunset during a dinner. While staying in a high quality hotel I am always sure that my place room is always clean, meal is delicious and hygienic, and service is good. In consequence, I really think it is beneficial to its price.

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