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A new form of performing history and design an apartment – murals.

A mural is a formmethod of wall painting, it genneraly giant and has an important meaning. This way of artwork is very common in the western Europe and in the United States of America, nevertheless it have become more popular in the other countries.

In large cities we may see murals on the sides of blocks, bus stations, the buildings factories and other places with huge surface area. City murals may perform many different things for example information, ads, however they may as well tell a story. In the last few years wall paintings have become a common form of commemorating significant
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historical moments, huge pictures on the building’s surfances have appeared in towns such as Łódź and Poznań. Great murals cities of Radom performed a commemoration of the events in June 1976 and Poznań on the facade of one of the buildings the artist created a mural which shows the casualties of Czerwiec'56 in the 55th anniversary of the protests. Another town which we may include to the murals cities sphere is Piła, where in 2013 was painted a historical mural commemorating the Cursed soldiers (www.demural.co.uk/photo-wallpapers/cities). In 2015 on one of the school’s building appeared a mural (see princess murals) which shows the Polish airmen, great heroes of the Battle of Britain. The people like Witold Pilecki and Danuta Siedzikówna "Inka" are commemorated on patriotic mural, which in 2013 was painted on the ZHP building in Kalisz. In Gniezno in 2013 was painted a series of patriotic murals, which were dedicated to Wielkopolska Uprising, similar mular is in Wizna this is a memory of the hero of the struggles of "Wizna". It is a great method of learning history. Now murals are using not only as a form of street artwork, but also as a decoration in private houses, where their are used to show imaginationstyle of the owners.

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