2 basic reasons why people didn’t like their internship experience

These days, it is really popular to be an intern. Parents, colleagues, teachers at college – literally everybody were convincing me that I should do it as well as that it wouldl be very useful experience. Unfortunately, I was naïve enough to believe them , thus made a decision to do my internship during my holidays.
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The competition for this position was very rough. They tested my foreign languages and (see cheap beds for sale) analytical skills. In consequence, I was entirely sure that the internship would be something serious - presumably I may have been too convinced – I have to admit that I didn’t even question any detailed description of my future duties.

Back then I was just so excited with the news that I got the intenrship offer, that I didn’t think to request important details. Back then it was enough for me to be familiar with the firm where I was about to intern in. At this moment I am aware that such approach was rather a big mistake. Unfortunately, I believe that that lesson was in fact the only useful experience I learnt from this intern experience.

Before I thought that during any internship I can learn that kind of knowledge as well as skills which are transferable also to any other similar position. Unluckily, while conducting this internship I was mainly doing these tasks that no other employee wanted to conduct. I understand that somebody always gotta to do these things , however I want to learn something useful while doing my intrnship.

Sadly, I didn’t. To be honest I learnt a lot about NY city and its neighborhood as I was helping everybody else conducting the most boring stuff that they did’t wanna do. Ironically, I became familiar where to do law cost custom printing nyc or where to buy best coffee in the city. However I don’t believe that this is the kind of knowledge I should gain as an intern.

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Second, they didn’t pay me any salary. I know that I was not an employee thus I don’t have too much experience they can need, but I was anyway doing some things they would pay for their employees to conduct. Thus, I really think that they should reimburse me at least small amount of money. Just to confirm that they appreciated my commitment.
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