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Elementary things you have to know before considering a front renovation in an antique building

Repair works of antiquebuildings are complicated and accurate - they require a thorough analysis of the technical circumstances of the structure, involving its composition and individual elements.

In the circumstance of monuments, it is particularly important to examine the scale of biological damage to the object, as well as the level of its moisture and salinity.

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Operations connected to renovation (great site) of facades in antique buildings are always preceded by technical examinations to determine the individual scope of works. Attentive and permanent reconstruction of the front is particularly vital. Both works consisting in cleaning the facade and filling in gaps are executed, as well as those link with full reinstatement of the front and implementing new cement to the old one. Operations complementary to supplementing architectural elements of antique structures may also be necessary. It is possible to make a facade, impregnate, implement coatings that permit structures to be given not only the wanted aspect, but also the protection of the facade. For these types of works are used only the finest quality materials of esteemed manufacturers. You are not supposed to save on materials, and use only the best ones, which ensure excellent persistence and the outcome of renovation works on the facade of historic buildings. They also protect monuments against the penetration of damaging substances, involving building salts.

Only specialists know how to do this type of work professionally and thoroughly.

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