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Photo wallpaper – a recent solution for a bathroom arrangement

Pictures, plants or wallpapers in this area have not found their place for many years, and today – even though increasingly more frequently there are large restrooms with windows - the addition of such details happens very slowly and it is lacking conviction.

photo wallpaper
Created by: Kaplan International
From: http://www.flickr.com

Nonetheless, it is worth choosing multicolor decorations and employing surfaces of walls, showers, doors or some equipment, to make a traditional and slightly ordinary interior evolve beyond recognition.

A restroom is a favorite place for women to relax, even though recently men tend to look to bathrooms, but mainly the link with flowers, nice scents or calming water massage gives ladies more pleasure, which is why usual feminine colors dominate in a restroom or bedroom arrangement. This does not say, however, that it is unthinkable to arrange a space with a neutral overtone applying, for example, marine images, tropical foliage arrangements or photos of a futuristic city bathed in a tide of lights. The selection of the suitable solutions relies solely on your own subjective requests and images that affect the imagination. While resting in a bathtub in the company of lazily flowing water - the actual one and the one on the wall mural – you may gain a different view of reality, and the energy charge that arrives from the image, aromas of aromatherapy and a delicate touch of water can emotionally revitalize.

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