Vacations in central Asia in resonable price

Right now, Polish tourist often have a hard time to decide where to go for vacations. It's all thanks to small airline companies, which are creating new connections from Poland each year.


Since 2017, we're able to fly to central Asia for a song. So when you've never visited this location, you need to consider to travel there, cause it has plenty of great monuments to explore.

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Good concept is to book flights from Warsaw to Mary holidays in there should be great for sure. This city is located in the center of Turkmenistan, but you may take a train and travel to sea shore during couple hours. Thanks to that, you'll be able to admire amazing landscape of whole Turkmenistan. When you like to travel in there for a penny, you should reserve your flight six months earlier. Also, for shorter, lasting entire week trip, you doesn't have to pay for registered baggage. Though carry on is big enough to stuff a lot of your belongings, and is free of charge. You won't have any issues with accommodation, because you can book it online.

If you start your Mary holidays, by the time you visit the sea shore you should do any sightseeing in there. Cause Mary is really interesting city, with many of attractions. Architecture in there is spectacular. You will observe in there great mix of ancient, Muslim buildings, Mansions created in Social realism style and modern skyscrapers. When you done with this area, you should go to Turkmenbasy, amazing sea resort. Beaches in there are fine and hotels really comfortable. You'll have plenty of fun in there.

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Turkmenistan is really great country, located in central Asia.

Because of small airline companies, since this year you are able to go there for a penny. Only plan your trip six months ahead, to get nicest deal on flights. Don't miss cruise in Mary, destination point, before you travel to the sea site.
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