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A new equipment in today’s cars – the future of transport

The vehicles we buy are today full of new generation of technology. Every year we have got an opportunity to buy and check fantastic devices. This things are constantly developing and every model of a new vehicle is a great surprise.

A wonderful device,
black bmw
Created by: Marko Backovic
From: http://www.flickr.com
which is today a standard, is BMW rear view camera. It is an equipment which help us to park . Not only have we a fanastic view at situation behind our vehicle, but as well our vehicle have got a large number of sensors, which inform us about probable obstacles. In these days BMW rear view camera is put in a car as a standard, it is easy to get use to it. Young drivers even today can’t imagine driving without it. The other one very useful device is BMW vin decoder. A vin is a code which have got a serial number used to identify individual vehicles, therefore when we use BMW vin decoder we may veryfy this number by ourselves - http://www.bmwvin.com/. It is very habdy, because it support us in get wide information about story of our vehicle, especially about its legacy status, technical information and many many more. It is very handy for the next owners and for our own safety. Now we have got many marvelous devices, more and more ordinary are hybrid and electric cars.

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