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Idea for vacations? Select Kazakhstan

When spring is coming, plenty of us start to thinking of future vacations. IT's really typical, cause first sunny days of April, make us dreaming of tropical places. Right now in Poland, because of our membership in European Union, we got many of various travel destination to choose, all because of to cheap airline companies.

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Lately, far more travelers are choosing Kazakhstan, very interesting country in Asia.

Very popular area in there is Altyn Emel Tour more about altyn emel tour to this place can be found in every travel agency. This is the national park, situated in the southern area of the country. It's popular for it dunes, grasslands and plenty of different types of animals or plants. Altyn Emel needs from you couple days, to got a chance to show you all of it treasures. Especially since the most relevant places, such as Singing Dune and Aktu hills are divided from each other with many miles. But it is no problem at all, at the area of the park, we have couple of different shelters to sleep in.

If you're thinking to go to Kazakhstan to see that amazing park you have two option. First is to buy Altyn Emel take a look at this link tour into the travel agency - this option is costly, but you don't have to worry of anything, even food. Next option is to prepare whole holidays on your own, step after step. Buy an air ticket - the best price can be found six months earlier. Next, you need to drive from the airport to Altyn - train leaves very often, therefore it shouldn't be an issue. In there, you need to visit village called Basszi, where you must to pay to enter the national park.

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