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Are you familiar with this trend regarding fashionable walls?

I am convinced that many us actually believe that it takes a lot of money to live in a good looking flat. I should admit that I also believed in this in such way for a long time. Nonetheless, one day I realized that it was just my excuse. You may be surprised with the world I used, but I initially wrote “excuse”. This was my excuse not to change anything in my home. Back then, I kept convincing myself and my family that if I don’t have enough savings to employee a designer, this is pointless to spent money on nice looking things because I just can’t be sure how they will look together etc.. My attitude changed when I was visiting one of my friends. She is a single mother. Furthermore, she works in the same enterprise as I do, has even the same position. Therefore, I know how much she earns. Thus I know that she is not reach. However, when I came to her flat, I was totally impressed!
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What are the best advices for people, who have doubts in the area of interior design?

Interior design is a topic that is very new on the market. Therefore, we ought to always be aware of the fact that as it is mostly regards plenty of new ideas, goods and professions, majority of people are likely to treat them with some distance as well as skepticism.
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