Created by: Roberto Nieves

Finest accessories for each mother lode

Our country is developed nowadays, many of foreign corporations created their agencies here, thanks to our partnership in European Union. But even if, still big element of our economy is linked with mother lode, cause Poland has large deposits of coal underneath.
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Created by: Serge Kij

The best software for entrepreneur from sales trade

Information Technology is one of the most developing sector of our economy at the moment. Study is moving forward, operating systems are more and more sabile and cutting-edge. Plenty of young people are selecting employment in IT area, to make certain they wouldn't be out of work, there are billions of various applications for mobile phones and PC, not just for entertainment.
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Created by: Lorenzo Tlacaelel

How to distribute your products in the Russia Federation market? See it now

when you are a important businessman, you are possibly trying to increase gains, from your corporation. To do so, you have to developing it entire time, serving fresh alternatives for your buyers, renewing older ones. When your success in Poland is big enough, perhaps it is moment to relocate your services to different place? You could try in EU of course, but in there a lot of the niches are packed with many of others companies. That is why, the Russian field is greatest for you in this situation, because it still require a lot kinds of goods.
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